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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life-spreading Energy Of Orgonite

Orgonite is made from resin, crystals and metals and has the most remarkable ability to spread life force.  It has the ability to take on the negative energy radiating from any device and transmute it into positive energy so that we can once again live in an undisturbed environment.  Spreading love instead of electromagnetism.

Orgonite Uses: 
-  Can combat electro smog from human technological output in the home and outside.  A piece of orgonite can be placed under pylons, Haarp and tetra towers, on or under WiFi, microwave ovens, computers, TV, fridge, etc.  Cellotape two small pieces either side of sound outlet on your mobile phone. On the dashboard of your car.   On stereo speakers - sound makes the orgonite work harder.  Put on electrical mains boxes, fuse boxes, and electric meters.
-  To cleanse personal negative energy.   Carry in pocket or wear it.  Put under beds and sofas.
-  To space-clear a house or a leyline.  Put in problem areas.
-  To raise vibrations of water or food.  Put on water filters.  Orgonite loves to work through water.  Put near waterpipes, radiators, in or on toilet cistern.
-  For help in meditation.
-  To uplift a stressed work environment.
-  In the garden to yield healthy growing plants and vegetables.  Bury next to favourite tree or plant or crops.
-  Orgonite with copper pipes protruding from the top used outdoors can remove chemtrails and are called 'Chembusters'.
-  Can help the dying move on and the dead release their spirit into the light. Tackles many things on the physical and subtle levels.
-  Can speed processes up.  Those who are stuck in their lives and need to change things that have reached their sell-by date but put up with for years, orgonite can propel them to make changes in the now, and not procrastinate.
-  It has a 'Gifting programme'.  Gifters give it away wherever it is needed, and there have been stories of those recipients waking up; they are said to have been 'gifted'.  Gifting is done from the heart with the intention of helping all beings on the planet.  A silent, secret gift.

Orgonite's History 
In the 1930s-1940s, a pioneering researcher and doctor,  Dr. Wilhelm Reich, was able to detect and measure the distance of etheric energy (life force) which he called orgone using a Geiger counter.  He found that stacking alternative layers of fiberglass (an organic substance), and steel wool (an inorganic substance) attracts and collects both types of orgone energy: positive, and negative (the deadly orgone).  Using this layering principle Dr Reich constructed large boxes to use as orgone accumulators.  He could heal his patients of various ills, which included cancer, by having them sit inside the box for periods of time.  Russian scientists (Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev 1903-1983 was one of them) also proved that that unseen energies exist all around us.  One unfortunate side to this was that work inspired by Reich led to the development of Soviet military defense applications using etheric energy.  However it's all proof, and Kozyrev's work confirms Reich's research.  Thousands of PhD level researchers followed in their footsteps and carried the work on until mainstream western science was forced to "officially recognise"  the concept of a universal, unseen medium of energy they call dark matter , vacuum flux, or zero point energy - known by these different names depending on who you ask, but all meaning the same thing.  Reich called it orgone.

Orgonite Takes Off 
Reich built his research lab which he nicknamed Orgonon in Maine, USA, in a very rural, isolated setting, so as to be away from sources of deadly orgone that would come from nuclear power plants, radio towers, etc, as his accumulators collected deadly orgone indiscriminately, and this operation would harm anyone receiving treatment inside it.  In 2000, a couple named Don and Carol Croft discovered through internet research, that mixing catalyzed fibreglass resin (organic) with metal shavings (inorganic), poured into moulds made from muffin pans and paper cups, produced a substance which would attract etheric energy similar to Reich's accumulators.  Carol went even further, adding small quartz crystals to the mixture as they transmute and give off energy also.  Adding a crystal to the resin/metal mixture creates a substance which functions as a self-driven, continuously operating, highly effective DEADLY ORGONE-to-POSITIVE ORGONE (negative to positive) energy transmutation device.  This means that when orgonite is within range of a source of  harmful negative energy it transforms it into positive - and this is ongoing.  These transmitters will become generators of beneficial energy and work for us.  It's an improvement on Reich's early work where his accumulators attracted the deadly orgone energy that came with the whole shebang.  Don and his wife did experiments and published their reports, that they had used small pieces of orgonite near places of negative orgone - cell phone towers, underground bases, nuclear plants, gridlines and energy vortices - and found it healed and cleansed, and encouraged his readers to replicate these activities in their own communities.

Orgonite was then and is now a cloudbuster
Not only did Dr Reich use orgonite for health treatment, he also used this knowledge to build a cloudbuster - a weather modification device.  Clouds are held together by orgone energy.  If you remove this energy clouds will disintegrate.  He built a model that could predict the weather more accurately than the "pressure system".  The cloudbuster was basically metal pipes mounted on a turret.  Rubber tubing connected them to a body of water for energetic grounding, which dissipated clouds by draining the orgone energy (the energy that holds them together) - in time and with perserverance this can affect overall weather patterns, in some cases reverse drought conditions in the desert in a matter of months.  His design was proven to be very effective.  It could be dangerous if mishandled, though.  It stands to reason that big amounts of negative orgone's going to collect in the pipes during operation and contact with bare skin has caused some operators some degree of harm, from intense pain to long-term paralysis, simply from brushing past the pipes with a bare leg.  Don Croft came up with a better, safer version, an advancement on Reich's still brilliant idea.  Instead Don named his invention a chembuster.  It is the original cloudbuster's basic principles combined with the advantages of orgonite.  A chembuster is made of 6-foot copper pipes embedded in a base of orgonite.  (Usually you'd pour the orgonite in a bucket to anchor it.)  Double-terminated quartz crystals in the base of each pipe create an etheric energy vaacum effect, they suck the energy the negative energy from the sky within a several mile radius and draw it into the orgonite base, where it's transmuted into positive energy.  These chembusters can be safely left in continuous operation; the old cloudbusters cannot.  Atmospheric energy balance can be restored and maintained, within an area.  It will give rain to arid regions of the globe, enough to end the drought.  It's been done before in various parts of Africa, California and other parts of the world by dedicated individuals.  The benign nature of orgonite eliminates the need for special training and safety precautions or even vigorous effort, it simply transmutes.  Smog and air pollution can be cleaned out.  Chemtrails are negatively charged artificial cloud formations that spread a blanket of poisonous deadly orgone clouds.  They are not natural clouds.  They can be replaced with the deep blue skies and puffy white natural clouds that we remember from childhood.

He busted all the cell phone towers in Bali
His name is Dan.  He's British and lived in Bali for 20 years. He went to to check out Dr Reich's work on behalf of a friend.  Upon seeing this information he thought it sounded way too good to be true, but it would be amazing if it worked.  The recipe to make the orgonite was simple enough.  He gathered the ingredients and made some.  He noticed the atmosphere in his house had completely changed within half an hour.  When putting a piece by each cell phone tower he saw that the sky in the immediate vicinity changed from the persistent grey cloudless haze to clear blue, with distinct cumulus clouds.  He was hooked.  He went round busting all the towers on the isle of Bali.  He built orgonite chembusters, gifted all the lakes, gridded most of the towns.  The results were profound.  Legendary exhaust fumes in main towns got replaced by clear fresh air.  Pristine skies everywhere appeared and the monsoons returned after a few years of stubborn drought.  Don Croft, the founder of the Orgonite Gifting movement, invited him to post on his orgonite forum which is where you can find his Bali Gifting reports.  He started his own website in both English and Indonesian (  He began receiving contacts from other islands in the archipelago.  He helps local Indonesians to gift their own communities.  The results are showing.  The residents of Jakarta haven't seen a clear blue sky above their city for years.  The skies are clearing again as ever increasing cell towers are becoming gifted.  Well this is happening in other cities, anomalous blue holes are appearing due to the spread of this awesome compound.  Orgonite appears to be the only known solution to the harm that electromagnetic pollution has been doing to the natural world over time.  It is cheap and easy to produce, hence the rapid spread of the orgonite gifting movement in recent years.

How to make a cell phone button
A button of orgonite fixed on your cell phone with double-sided tape will greatly reduce the risks of  brain tumour and will have a healing affect on the brain from the positive energy.
Find a suitable mould (hard plastic or glass is ideal) and prepare your ingredients in this way:

  1. Sieve some metal shavings (any metal will work fine) but avoid using filings or metal dust.

  2. Mix in some small pieces of quartz stone or crystal (powdered quartz will work fine).

  3. Place a teaspoonful of the mixture in the bottom of your mould and tap it down so that it forms a flat surface.

  4. Pour on enough catalyzed resin to just cover the shavings and crystal when it has sunk through.

  5. Leave it to cure thoroughly and remove from the mould.

  6. Use sandpaper to even out the flat surface and attach it to the back of your cell phone with a layer of double-sided sticky tape.
You will now be able to use your cell phone safely.