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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Lifting the Veil: Reverse Evil to Live

This is the Apocalypse.  It is but a lifting of the veil. People are starting to see reality in a whole new way. The universe reveals its secrets to those who DARE to follow their hearts, and dare you have to, because a lot of people on the planet right now are feeling they have to do as they are told.  You have to do what you feel is right within your heart.  That is what they don't tell you. You do not have to be in their story, realise that, because in their story it's doom and gloom and the whole world is ending.  No.  It is nothing more than a beginning.   This matrix is over, it's finished.  You might as well do whatever the hell you want, because the way we have known is finished.  The world will never be the same again. When you ate fast food back in the day, you would be like: "Pass me the mayonnaise, and the barbecue sauce,  and the tomato ketch-up".   Nature keeps it simple.  Being a vegan, and cutting out extraneous things and man-made refined foods, keeps you looking younger.  Table salt is the No. 1 killer on the planet. It's inorganic.  White sugar the second.  Eat wholegrain.  Another one of the greatest lies is that you have to spend your entire life working.  How many hours have you worked?  What is the longest time you have worked in a job in one day?  Twelve hours maybe?  Earning good money that you can't even spend because you are too tired. Time is money and money is ENERGY.  That's why they call it CURRENCY.  If you were spending all of your time in a job that you don't like you are wasting your CURRENCY, your energy!  It is going down the drain.  If you want to become wealthy you don't need physical paper money, you need to raise your emotional bank balance and feel good about yourself, your personal happiness.  Money can't buy talent or health, it can assist it. But only you can give it to yourself. Faking it until you make it is a trap as well.  A lot of people right now are faking it.  You can actually GET it!  Another great lie - is government.  We handed all of our power to the state, to politicians.  They are all on the same team. Two sides of the same coin. Republican, Democrat, Labour, Conservative, controlled opposition, the same team. At the top level it's just business as usual, it's the cabal, the deep state, those that run this matrix you don't even see them. They work in the shadows.  The shadow government can tell any politician what to say and do. Government actually means GOVERN MENTAL. Mind control.  You have to be your own government.  WHY do we have to have leaders?  (We don't). You are supposed to lead yourself, do your own thing.  You have to get out of the matrix, otherwise you are going to be trapped in a burning house.  The Covid-19 tracking app letting you know if you are around anyone with Covid-19 is Big Brother.  Bill Gates has come under a lot of scrutiny recently because he may be a great software developer but does not have a medical degree.  They have a software developer telling you how to look after your health. Many are starting to figure it out that something doesn't add up.  The Hegelian Dialectic, problem-reaction-solution. Windows gives you a virus. Go to the shop and you can buy a anti-virus software for $100 to get the solution.  Same with the man-made Coronavirus to push the vaccinations.  Then YouTube demonetize videos of the people who alert you to the fact.  BUT THE TRUTH CAN'T BE STOPPED!  So many more people are starting to get it, to realise what the media are doing.  So many people are connecting with other people and saying We ain't having it. Checked Bill Gates's Instagram lately?  You wouldn't want to be him right now.  People aren't buying "We need vaccinations or we need this, that".  People are starting to think for themselves because that's what it's all about, and starting to roar like a lion thank goodness.  Because the great lie is this is how it has to be.  A lie, everything is rigged. This is not normal, this is engineered. This whole plandemic, not pandemic, the Great Panic is engineered, staged, it's been in the works for a LONG time. Forces control this world who are not OF this world and right now we are in a state of spiritual warfare.  They can hide information with algorithms.  Why do that, if you are not afraid of information?  Cos they are afraid of a lot of people knowing the truth and 1% is enough to influence the rest, that's all it takes to change it!  You must not be just a content consumer, but emit your frequency and imprint your intention everywhere you go.  What is happening right now, being locked down, is not your life story.  It's just a few lines in Chapter One.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Immunize Yourself From The 5G Virus

Trees are Our Best Friend Essays For Students in Easy Words – Read ...
Life is binary: zeros and ones.  Oxygen is life, no oxygen is death.  Isn't it a coincidence that Corona virus affects the respiratory system?  It affects people's lungs so they can't breathe? And that's what 5G does?  Hello! You've made the link, right? 5G has been known to deplete oxygen in the body.  5G can't travel far.  And it can't go through a lot of objects, which include trees and foliage, especially wet trees.  That's why in a lot of cities they were cutting down trees because the 5G millimetres waves can't pass through them, and it can only travel short distances. That's the reason why they need these posts and relay transmitters on lamp posts and anywhere they can put them in every single neighbourhood.   Get away from it. How to protect yourself:

1)  Trees are your friend.  Go outside into Nature as much as you possibly can.  When you are out in the heart of Nature you are protecting yourself.   Trees are your body guards from 5G.  Ever gone outside in the heart of Nature and you check your phone and there's no signal?  That's how you know Nature is protecting you.  Go to Nature spaces where you can't even get a signal.  There may be no Wi-Fi signal there, but you will get a better connection!   

2)  Limit technology.  To protect yourself, limit the use of the time you spend on your mobile phone.  Don't hold the phone to your ears, put in on loudspeaker.   A lot of people sleep with their phone, right next to them on their pillow, literally sleeping with radiation.  Don't do it.  Limit the time you spend on all these gadgets, then you are limiting the 5G waves coming into your body.  Technology is taking your knowledge - you are the original technology.  Not even the greatest supercomputers can do what you do in your sleep.  They will never be as fast or as strong as you are.  

3)  Get a crystal.  The reason why crystals will help to protect you from 5G is because crystals absorb all of that harmful energy so you don't have to.  Buy crystals.  The best crystals to have?  A quartz crystal is phenomenal and they look fantastic, get one.  Also orgonite, get a pyramid orgonite crystal - that is going to send 5G right away from you.  Get a pure black pyramid shungite crystal: studies have been done which show how shungite literally is one of the best crystals and stone you can have to protect you from 5G radiation.  Also you can put a piece of quartz crystal on the back of your phone which is going to protect you from that radiation. 

4)  All I need is the air that I breathe.  The first point mentioned being oxygen and the connection with the lungs, make sure you are in fresh clean and get air into the lungs.  Stay pro-active and exercise, move, dance a little.

5)  Keep fear away.  5G shuts down your immune system.  But also fear shuts down your immune system, fear will kill your immune system.   Fear will shut down your immune system, fear will kill your immune system.  We don't need fear right now.  Stop watching the News.  Put the News in quarantine!  Even if you are exposed to 5G you can protect yourself by raising your frequency.  You do this by not being in the fear vibration and instead choosing to be in the love vibration.

6)  Take back your power.  Do as much research as you can on the wireless industry and on what they are doing, because you've got mad scientists running this planet! And it's time for you to take back your power!  Stay up to date on what's happening.  Once they roll out 5G, then they're going to roll out 10G...we don't need that.

7)  Embody the love energy.  Even if you are exposed to 5G if you are in the love energy every single day you are automatically protected.  Cleanse your aura.  Go for a salt bath.  Go into the ocean.  Laugh - laughter boosts your immune system.  

8)  Eat Sunlight.  5G can't stand the sunlight.  When you are absorbing high amounts of Vitamin D it boosts your immune system.  Get out into the sun and absorb the beautiful frequencies and protection from the sun

9)  Supercharge Yourself.  Supercharge with super foods: organges, blueberries, gogi berries, apples, peaches, pears, dates, figs, pumpkins, pomegranate... eat to live.

10)  Ground Yourself.  Start earthing. Take off your shoes and socks, go out barefoot and place your soles on Mother Nature.  Here's the science: when you have dis-ease you have an excess of positive ions in your body.  Earth is full of negative ions and once you come into contact with earth's surface through the soles of your feet you have neutralised yourself from from all diseases including that 5G nastiness.  Earthing balances you out and reduces inflammation in the body and transforms the alien 5G energy into the prana energy.

11)  Choose your home wisely.   For goodness sake if you see a 5G tower don't go and live near it.  Where you live is everything.  The one weakness of 5G is that 5G can't travel far!  You want to be in an environment where there are a lot of trees around you, you want to be by the ocean, live somewhere organic where there aren't a lot of businesses or buildings.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Coronavirus Urgent Action

Image result for 4th april meditation 2020
DESPITE what's happening in your immediate surroundings, now more than ever our FOCUS and positive vision for humanity's well-being is CRUCIAL. Your collective focus is vital to break this current timeline and shift it into the positive timeline collectively.   Their agenda to cull most of humanity and annihilate the freedom of the remaining survivors was planned and premeditated long ago, playing out now in a planned pandemic aided by 5G weaponry.  THIS IS THE TIME TO FIGHT. THIS IS THE TIME TO FIGHT.  But fight we must - with our minds and our intentions.  And not just when meditating or praying.  You have got to infuse yourself totally with the positive attitude.  We are the CREATORS and we are moving into the positive timeline. You must align with it and for the entire earth you must do it NOW.   This is it.   We hear about other-world light forces that are assisting humanity, and there are said to be legions of other beings of light who have entered our galaxy at this time to help.  But we must play our part, they need our assistance to accelerate whatever the process is before the dark forces further their agenda that they want.  Two important things:  1.    NOT take vaccines: will implant a programmable nano chip in you lowering your consciousness rendering you incapable of thinking and taking action);  2.  Do the following global meditation. 

Share this, get as many as possible to join in. This is a medication on this invitation letter calling all spiritual influencers around the world to unite in meditation on Saturday 4th April 2020 at 10:45 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time, New York, U.S.)  for 20 minutes,  the day when Jupiter and Pluto come into conjunction in a powerful alignment.  The time in other US cities will be: 9:45 pm in Chicago, 8:45 pm in Denver and 7:45 pm in Los Angeles.   In Europe and Asia it will already be Sunday the 5th April at the moment of the activation.  In London this will be at 3:45 am BST (British Summer Time),  4:45 am in Paris, 4:45 am in Cairo, 10:45 am (CST) in Taipei and Beijing, 11:45 am JST in Tokyo, and 12:45 pm AEST in Sydney.  Check the time for your time zone:  Time Conversion Table

If you listen to astrologers, they have much to say about 2020 and the Aquarian age that is is to do with the conjuctions of Pluto,  Jupiter and Saturn.  On this date an astrological portal opens and astrologers say we will have more power at our disposal.  To harness it requires mass participation, at east a million.   Whatever your cosmic beliefs are or your personal beliefs are about anything, we must set egos, differences and divisions aside and let's just do it.  On that day, for twenty minutes, we must use this chance to unite and join hearts and minds, and with singular laser-focused group intention, claim freedom and independence from the slave system, end the 5G network and its radiation (which is likely to have something to do with the deaths in Wuhan, China) and erase the fear and madness surrounding Coronovirus.  Focus on the end goal: To End The Suffering.  Let's do this.  Please forward this link to everyone in your sphere of influence: URGENT CALL FOR ONE MILLION MEDITATORS  Reach out to everyone who follows your social media pages or blogs.  Spread it far and wide and quickly around the world. Make it a top priority.  Our future depends on it. We know that thoughts are packets of energy that create things, and have power to manifest when fueled by emotions.  We have thus far co-created the world we have been living in up to now through our fear.   We can collapse time-frames and alter the future but enough of us need to do it at exactly the same moment to shift a collective reality.   The minimum to reach critical mass for a quantum leap is 144,000 at a single moment in time focusing on the same outcome.  So much greater effort is needed now, as the world situation has degenerated far worse than any of us could have imagined.  To achieve a better timeline, we need at least one million meditators.  There will be other global meditations to do on key dates as the year progresses.  There is another one on the 19th March 2020Global mass meditations done in large numbers on key strategic dates are the key to our liberation.  The power for radical change and shifts in timeline lies within us - but it must be executed in force as a collective.  Regardless of what time of day it falls on in your time zone, it only takes twenty minutes.  Let's do this.

How to do it
1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state.
2. State your intent to shift the planet into the most optimal timeline and remove the whole situation around Coronavirus, 5G and Martial Law
3.  Visualise a pillar of brilliant white light coming from the cosmic central sun, being distributed to the suns of all galaxies in this universe.  Visualise this light entering the galactic central sun and going through the galaxy and entering our solar system and going through all beings of light within our solar system and on planet Earth, and through your body to the centre of the Earth.
4.  Visualise this light transmuting all remaining dis-ease and disharmony on earth, healing all patients, removing all fear, and restoring normality, stability and freedom 
5.  Visualise the course of events on Earth shifting into the most positive timeline possible, away from all wars, away from all global domination, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity and love and happiness to all beings on Earth

The meditation in different languages:  The Portal


Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Fear consciousness and 5G

Supporting a fear-based consciousness is the surest way to puncture your energetic wholeness. It isn't because you'd stop being Omnipotent, it is because you ARE omnipotent - everything you say and believe comes to be so.  Our reality echoes back our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and paradigms – and a reality that reflects back perceptions of danger, scalar and psychic attack, negative entities and low vibrational attachments out to target us will duly appear the moment they are manifested into our reality via fear based thoughts. Fear is the lowest vibrating form of energy.  “Fear of being hurt or killed” prompts us to take ‘extra’ measures for psychic protection. From the low vibration of fear comes the cascade of all expected and unexpected negative experiences unfolding into our realities that we create by default.  Remember you are Source, so you create: To recognise and remember that is to own your sovereignty.  "I don’t want to manifest this timeline anymore, what can we do now?" Manifest and co-create a different one.  We manifest and create via frequency.  We must be sure that our frequency is bliss-based and coherent: we enter into a state of courage and love frequently generating feelings of bliss. We set our intentions for timelines that excite us and LET GO.  This doesn’t mean we sit on our ass doing nothing.  "How do we maintain frequencies of bliss whilst dealing with a 'scary' vision and experience of a 5G roll-out?" Educate the community, consult with local MPs, get devices that help to mitigate the effects of 5G, with detachment and staying in a neutral zone.   Use words such as neutralisation, mitigation, and transmutation, not ‘weaponry’ or ‘protection’. AND work on personal energy fields and emotions to generate bliss and stay in the frequency of love as much as possible in order to help bring forth the a different timeline from the  blueprint of the Fourth Dimension into materialisation. Use your intention: ‘I know I am safe because I AM, I say so’ and this is absolutely true, in the grand scheme of infinity you are indeed indestructible.  It does not mean you go and eat deadly poison ‘knowing’ you will survive it, it means taking 3-D action to mitigate unwanted effects coming from the unmanifest 5-D dimension. Working on energetic cleanliness for example, taking showers/salt baths are refreshing actions celebrating our form.  The OCD obsessive compulsive kind of energy protection is akin to leaving your home every morning with a bullet proof vest, armed to the nines with guns and knives to protect you from the baddies. Or a germophobe leaving the house with a face mask, hand sanitisers,  air spray and latex gloves. This is fear based consciousness.  Awakened and high-vibed, we can positively hijack the evil agendas of the service-to-self entities.  This transmutation and alchemy from our positive agenda is a hack. For example the internet, Facebook, all the info people are posting out about how we are being spied on etc. While true, we know there is WAY more positivity that has come out of the internet than the negative aspects of being spied on and the potential original agenda of control. We have hijacked the thing they wanted to use for control and created another positive timeline whilst doing so.  The same will happen with 5G. There may be challenges along the way, it won’t necessarily all be sunshine and daffodils; vibrational change and transformation has to undergo chaos.  But if the few who are awakened believe good will come out of it and take action – they can manifest good.  Meanwhile, whilst working on maintaining a high frequency, manifesting the best and highest outcome to evolve humanity, we can take active steps to mitigate the impact of the potentially harmful effects of 5G without losing alignment with our sovereignty, without holding fear in our vibration.   Keep your favourite methods of protection, but also remember that so long as you believe you are at risk you will be. So long as you believe you need psychic protection, you will do.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Gratitude can rewire your brain for happiness and success.  Research says that they've found considerable evidence that when people look at the blessings, the good things that they have in their life, it is a great way to reduce mental stress and depression.  People tend to focus on the negative of what they have not got and what's not happening rather than what IS.  You have a roof over your head and don't go hungry.  You may have a lovely family.  You may live a very interesting life even if it is challenging.  As for depression, what are you going to get from anti-depressants drugs that are specifically designed to manipulate the chemistry of the brain?  With all their horrendous side effects?  Which include weigh gain, depression, suicidal thoughts?  What if instead of taking a pill that comes with a list of side effects, which are not side effects but effects, something as simple as gratitude could be the answer.  There is actually science to back up this claim.  Dr Joshua Brown, Professor of Psychology and Brain Sciences of Indiana University and his colleague Dr Wong set out to answer one question: how can his patients derive the greatest possible benefit from treatment in the shortest amount of time?  In time they came up with the answer that this would be gratitude sessions.  People having gratitude are overall happier. 

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Keep protected from 5G

It's a spiritual warfare.  Suffering of all forms, from degradation of the environment, the food, the frequencies, stalkers, voice to skull,  having frequencies triangulated to your body wherever you go, parasites from chemtrails breathed in that have a specific program to run once inside a person causing them insomnia and itching at night... people are having all kinds of trouble.  Drugs for instance, some strains of cannabis that have been genetically modified are laced with stuff designed to reprogram DNA. Genetically-modified food depletes your magnetic energy and transforms the DNA at the chromosomal and codon level. It confuses the protein and amino-acid making process so that by the time it gets into the ribosome where everything is copied to record the original pattern, it all gets scrambled up. This is why people are being born obese.  It's also the cause of underweight in others and depression, schizophrenia etc. in others.  These things put holes in your aura, your Merkaba, which is a torus field circling around you and you need it to be whole as in "Whole", not "Hole".  It would be very wise to fortify and protect yourself with the armour of magnetism.  Have some magnets around your wrist, and stones, of:  SHUNGITE, HEMATITE, and BLACK TOURMALINE.  "Chroma" (from chromosome) means colour-body and there are 12 colours, 12 segments of the DNA, 12 notes of the musical scale, 12 disciples, 12 hours day/night, 12 months etc. We have 12 systems in the body, 12 cranial nerves, and 12 tissue salts to magnetise the body. To protect yourself you need magnetic energy, not electrical.  Magnetic energy you will get when you open your palms out towards the sun.  In a male the energy is coming in through the right hand and rotating in your magnetic rotating torus field and issuing out of the left hand.  In a female it comes in through your left hand, and exits the right hand.  So there are no holes in it, do this daily.  PALM is an anagram for LAMP.  Palms = lamps.  (It's where Akhenaten showing his palms to the sun came from and why the ancients used to greet the sun, Heil Sol Invictus, "heil" coming from the word "halo".) .  The "ten" is the lamp (tungsten) (and we have ten fingers)  Revelation 21: "The city does not need the sun....... and the Lamb is its lamp".  "Lamb" has a "b" in it and is also an anagram for "balm" - healing.  Healing balm from the god "Baal" - "balm" - is from the Lamb.  The sun is the Lamb, and your 
body is made up of LAMININ  and amino acids.  
Image result for laminin
This laminin is like the shape of a cross and your body is made up of all these crosses, the glue that holds your body together. Your whole body is about the LAMB, because photosynthesis in the body is through laminin, the glue of your body.  If you look up astrological symbolism of Lamb of God you find it represents Aries the Ram, the lamb, when the sun is in Aries on 21st March it is the Right Ascension Meridian or RAM whereabouts so many festivals are celebrated around spring, at Easter or east star.  Because you cannot conquer the risen saviour, the sun.  Neither can the winter nor the nighttime.    The sun's corona is the Crown of Thorns which is your crown chakra and is a corona when activated.  "Heil" comes from "halo" and "halos" comes from salt. "Hallo" (German) and "hello" are greetings; "salutation" is a greeting, "saludos" is Spanish for "welcome" "salud" is Spanish for "health" and all those come from "sal" which is salt. Salvation, saliva, sal. We say someone is the "salt of the earth" and "worth his salt" and pay him a "salary" and homeopathic tissue salts are another way of charging your magnetic field. "Helios" comes from "sun".  "Marhaba" is Arabic for "hello" and hides the anagram of "ram" (mar) and the word Merkaba (your inbuilt force field). Build your natural aura from the heart.  Our magnetic fields around us are far more than most even know, thanks to the deception fooling most that they are lesser beings than they truly are.   "Earth" is anagram of "heart". On the ground on the heels of your feet, on your "heels" you "heal" your "soul"  through your palms a la Akhenaten. (Soles, sol, Spanish for sun; heal/helios from Sun.) Walking barefoot around the countryside or garden on soil, sand, grass (earthing) generates magnetic strength  and starts the process for your nerves to get stronger and for your nervous system to restore itself because that's the Tree of Life in you.  Once that is restored and your frequency is raised by a vegetarian diet (vegan is superior) the blood is cleansed.  
Fabrics and paints used for blocking out EMFs also shield out earth's electromagnetic frequencies that sustain all life, so using them for EMF protection does not support the body's need for moment to moment reception of earth's electrical airwaves. You can use them on the walls facing the source of the radiation. There are devices you can buy from EarthCalm that offer a good solution. They work by: 1. Re-instating and amplifying the body’s natural grounding fully in the natural electromagnetic field, the Schumann resonance of the earth; 2. By providing a natural means of dissipating out EMFs from the body; 3. By harmonising EMF emissions with earth’s natural electromagnetic field; and 4. By amplifying earth’s natural frequencies within the areas served by the EarthCalm device. These products have been tested by the IIREc (Dr. Walter Medinger) and they are Dr. Gerald Hyland's recommendations to the European Parliament, presented in the document “The Physiological and Environmental Effects of Non-ionising Electromagnetic Radiation” (document 297.574).  There are good products here also, that sell bed canpies to screen around your body while you are sleeping

Protecting your body

  • Refuse to use 5G phones and smart devices obviously. Discourage those you know from doing so.
  • Never sleep with a phone in your bedroom and never next to your head. Even in aeroplane mode, it can emit signals.  Put your phone in a Farday bag
  • Don't have WiFi, have cabled internet
  • Do not carry your phone in trouser pockets next to genitals. Avoid carrying your phone on your body.
  • Do not hold your phone up to your ear while talking. Use a wired earpiece or put it on loudspeaker, and hold the phone at least 3 feet away.
  • Radically decrease your time on the phone.  Use VoIP software phones that you can use while connected to the internet via a wired connection
  • Not everyone can do this, but you want to move to a city/town with lots of trees or move to a rural location
  • Carry Shungite crystals to protect from radiation
Protecting your home

  • No matter what, do NOT get a smart meter, these put high levels of 5G radiation right in your home.
  • Connect your desktop computer to the internet via a wired Ethernet connection. Avoid wireless keyboards, trackballs, mice, game systems, printers and cordless DECT house phones.  Have only the wired versions.
  • Use Fiber Optics for your Home, Businesses and schools. They are safe, secure, and very fast.
  • Hard wire your house to eliminate Wi-Fi altogether. If you have a notebook without any Ethernet ports, a USB Ethernet adapter will allow you to connect to the internet with a wired connection.
  • Ditch the microwave oven, replace with a steam convection oven, it heats food  quickly and safely.
  • Refuse to buy anything ‘smart’ – ‘smart’ appliances, ‘smart’ heaters, etc.
  • Avoid using 'smart' appliances and thermostats that depend on wireless signalling.  This would include all new 'smart' TVs.  They are called smart because they emit a Wi-Fi signal and, unlike your computer, you cannot shut the Wi-Fi signal off. Use a large computer monitor as your TV instead, as they don’t emit Wi-Fi.
  • Move your baby’s bed into your room instead of using a wireless baby monitor. Alternatively, use a hard-wired monitor.
  • Plant tall bushes outside your home. (5G doesn’t penetrate well)
  • Use aluminum screens on your windows, it blocks the signals from coming in.
  • Use RF shielding paint on your home, it’s expensive, and it has to be done properly, it has to be grounded, but it does block the signals that come through your home 24/7 damaging your health.
  • Spread the word, share this with everyone you know.
 The other thing is meditation - the stillness is magnetism.  There is too much noise, you must still the mind and experience stillness every day.  To have awareness is crucial.  Do all with all your heart, soul and integrity. The other thing is not to live in fear.  They will not win.  We get to win because we wrote the script of our lives originally, the trials and ordeals we would go through and how it would end.  Work from that level of consciousness that everything will be beautiful one day.  The good script writer has a great ending

Lifting the Veil: Reverse Evil to Live

This is the Apocalypse.  It is but a lifting of the veil. People are starting to see reality in a whole new way. The universe reveals its ...